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ALL Language World Conference for Languages

Language World- ALL joined up

 This will be well worth a visit. A two day conference in Lancaster which has been running for several years now for secondary and primary alike.

Language World 2014 04-05 Apr 2014 Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW

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Films from the Ragdoll Foundation

Hi I have just been pointed in the direction of these films from the British Council filmed in location.

'The Ragdoll Foundation is dedicated to developing the power of imaginative responses in children through the arts."What Makes Me Happy" is a series of short, fun films showing that even where lives are difficult children can still find…


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European Day of Languages - 26 Sept

Hi All

European Day of Languages is very nearly here again.

Here are some sites/ resources that might be helpful for you. Feel free to add any of your own.

Have fun.



General websites

Use stories from different parts of the world using BBC website



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Languages to be compulsory?

Have just been pointed in the direction of this. Looks like the Government's new proposed curriculum is to include compulsory languages from the age of 7. I do hope so.


Here's an article.


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Linguafun centre - Birmingham (ish)

Was told about this place today- looks good.…

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Using Picasso to develop Spanish

Hola I have put lots of resources for developing Spanish across KS2 on the wiki above on the resources tab. Feel free to use/ adapt them as required.

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The Tate- Picasso


Have just been looking for resources for Picasso to use with my schools and I have just come across the TATE gallery website- lots of ideas for Picasso and other artists.


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BBC films in Spanish and French

Have just come across these French films and short clips in French from the…


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Translation Nation- a project.

Have just been sent this link from a colleague who received it via Michael Rosen. It starts from a Literacy focus,but it is 'a celebration of the languages spoken by Primary Children'.

Translation Nationinspires primary school children to explore literary translation and develop an appetite for international storytelling and a curiosity about world literature.

I will certainly be having a look!

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Around the world

Have been looking at links that we have across the world and found out that we had 36 'links' to different…


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Audio Lingua

Have just spent rather a ong time looking for a mp3/ video of someone speaking German to play for my children who are learning Spanish! Sounds peculiar I know- but I am looking at IU5.1 for Intercultural Understanding showing empathy for new arrivals who have little English. Just came across this site Audio Lingua MP3 in Spanish, German, French and Italian amongst others. Thinks I may have a listen to brush up my Spanish!

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Euroclub schools

Have just put a link to the website for Euroclub for schools. Lots of ideas and resources including quizzes, worksheets, jukebox, etc in Italian, Spanish and French.

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Throw a Cadbury's Creme Egg


Hi I have just flung a Cadbury's Creme egg at the Eiffel Tower! Choose a location and FLING!

Have a go!…


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Digital Dialects online Games for learning languages

                                                                                                J ust became aware of this great website 

Digital Dialects . It features 'free to use online games for learning languages. Resources include games…


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Great ideas books

These two books are great for ideas for teaching MFL. You will probably be familiar with the book on the left by Sue Cave…


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sing to learn

Have just had a look at this wikispace- was recommended by Mark Purves.


Has songs for a lot of themes in Spanish and French- sure the number will grow and grow. Have a look or even better, join and contribute your ideas and resources for using songs to develop MFL.


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La Oruga Muy Hambrienta

hi All

Have just uploaded some resources for Hungry Caterpillar for Spanish KS2 if any good to anyone.

Am now planning Not Now Bernard!

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Interactive stories on Languagenut in French and Spanish

Hiya All Just saw this on a friend's website- she received the following email so I thought I would share it with you. Have a look?

We are very excited to announce the launch of our first stories!Fully interactive, beautifully presented and tailored to your teachers' needs, our stories are magical. With excellent audio support, the ability to view the text and subtitles, play the book through or listen page by page, we have carefully made these talking big…


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Free Flashcards fro French, Spanish and German

Hiya All

Just been told about the MLG scheme which is aimed at supporting non-specialist primary teachers and is available in French, German and Spanish.

They are a 'collection of thoughtfully-designed flashcards with audio recordings to help you introduce children to all the language you want to share in your classroom.'

You can download a sample in French, German and Spanish- you'll see 'the topics covered, read the introduction and see a selection of sample… Continue

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