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Does anyone have any tips what to advise Primary Teachers (non-specialists) what to do for Assessment - but not the Language Ladder!? For some reason they don't like it and I'm stuck as to what else to suggest. Found some nice "Targeteers" stickers on Talkabout but I think I need something more formal. Thanks!

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Hello Sharon

I am a firm believer in teachers doing the same sort of things that they do in other areas of the curriculum- AFL- assessment for learning. Thumbs up if you understand, Traffic light system green for understand, amber for need practise and red for eed extra help. each school has its own system so can extend it eventually into the language classroom. But make teachers aware that MFL not compulsory yet so should be ahving fun not getting bogged down with assessment!? YET!

I have started to keep records- but have been doing it for a year/ two years in one school. Some are done daily - a quick 'who's got and who hasn't?' And I have started to keep a record of what objectives I'm covering but agan I wouldn't expect class teachers just starting out to be doing that. May be wrong!?
I also make up my own 'I can sheets' when we have finished a topic- see attached. The children can only colour them in when they prove it to a peer! If the peer agrees they give them a I agree card! see attached.

Thanks H that's fab. I did suggest to the teachers when I saw them that they adapt what do for other subjects, and they seemed to accept that. Can't open your attached files but have saved them and will try to open them at work!

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